One Step Beyond Cyber

EP1: The Weakest Link - The Human Element in Cybersecurity

May 01, 2023 One Step Season 1 Episode 1
One Step Beyond Cyber
EP1: The Weakest Link - The Human Element in Cybersecurity
Show Notes

In this first episode of One Step Beyond Cyber, Scott Kreisberg, CEO and founder of One Step, is joined by IT and Cybersecurity experts Tim Derrickson and Roman Stanton. The episode starts with a story of how One Step helped a business recover from a well-planned cyber attack.

The hosts then discuss how the majority of data breaches involve human error or negligence. They emphasize that employees are the company's best defense and that cybersecurity should be a part of the company culture. They also discuss the importance of employee training and best practices to prevent cyber attacks.

The hosts then talk about cybersecurity tools and how companies should start with internal testing before exposing their clients to potential vulnerabilities. They also discuss principles of cybersecurity, such as detection, response, and recovery.

The episode ends with a discussion on the importance of an incident response plan and how employees should be trained to report suspicious behavior immediately. The hosts emphasize that time is not on your side when dealing with cyber-attacks and that having a plan in place can help minimize damage.

Join the One Step team in this insightful discussion on the human factor of cybersecurity and learn how you can take steps to protect your business from cyber threats.

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Host by:
Scott Kreisberg - CEO & Founder of One Step
Tim Derrickson - Sr. vCIO/vCSO- CISSP

Produced by Genesis Aquino
Music Production by Michael Stevens