One Step Beyond Cyber

EP 2: Data Breach or Data Leak? What Went Wrong and How to Prevent It!

May 30, 2023 One Step Season 1 Episode 2
One Step Beyond Cyber
EP 2: Data Breach or Data Leak? What Went Wrong and How to Prevent It!
Show Notes

In this episode, we dive deep into the world of data breaches and their impact on businesses and individuals. We start with some alarming statistics, highlighting the frequency and cost of cyber-attacks. Then, we explore real-life examples of recent major data breaches, including ChatGPT, and PayPal.

Throughout the episode, our hosts, Scott, Tim, and Roman, discuss various aspects of data breaches. They explore the difference between a leak and a breach and shed light on the top reasons behind data breaches, such as old security vulnerabilities, human error, and malware. They also emphasize the importance of understanding the scope of a breach and potential legal liabilities for businesses.

The hosts delve into specific cases, like the MailChimp breach, where social engineering led to unauthorized access to customer information. They also examine the PayPal breach and the concept of credential stuffing, explaining how hackers exploit leaked credentials from other websites.

The episode concludes with a focus on compliance with data protection regulations. Our compliance expert, Roman Stanton, emphasizes the importance of security measures, employee training, and proactive steps like vulnerability assessments and penetration testing. The hosts refer to the significance of incident response plans, transparency with customers, and quick notification in the event of a breach.

Join us on this insightful journey as we navigate the complex world of data breaches and learn how businesses can protect themselves and mitigate the potential consequences. Tune in to "One Step Beyond Cyber" for more compelling insights on cybersecurity and technology.

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Host by:
Scott Kreisberg - CEO & Founder of One Step
Tim Derrickson - Sr. vCIO/vCSO- CISSP
Roman Stanton - vCIO/ Compliance Officer

Produced by Genesis Aquino
Music Production by Michael Stevens